Lonely Little Boy

There was once a lonely boy,

Friends, he had none.

Alone in the shadows he played.

He had one rusty little knife

And a dead rat skull to play.


He made grand stories about this once live rat.

The many adventures he had with his little rusty knife,

Winning rat duels and slaying cat overlords.


One day he sat, staring at the wall.

His imagination spent.

When he heard a little whisper

“they all deserve death”.


The boy stared around the dark room,

Eyes wide with fear.

Who was that talking to him?

He clearly was alone.


Through the gloom he saw,

The rat’s empty eye sockets glow red.

“Kill them all”, it said.


The boy crawled towards it enthralled,

His voice shaking,

He whispered,

“kill who?”


“All those who have ignored you”

“Don’t you see? They don’t get it”

“Therefore, they must go”

The eyes glowing brighter


The little boy pondered the notion,

His imagination going wild,

Measuring every gruesome act in his head.


He picked up the rusty old knife.

Peered through the crack of the door,

And ventured out into the light.

Paris Gamin

Photography by Lewis Hine

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