Spent most of the morning working on the review article draft. Took a break to have lunch only to realise that I had written about 4 studies, just 4 paragraphs. All that time I spent reading, understanding, analysing and paraphrasing only to realise I had not done much.

Atleast it wasn’t too warm or has my body just slowed down along with time? A lag in the system, that it doesn’t detect heat. I guess even my biological clock has slowed down. My metabolism now running similar to that of a sloth’s.

The Nightscape outside my window

After lunch the rest of the day was spent helping the parents. They have no understanding of the deadline that looms over my head. I’ve decided to just do what I can for now and figure something out later.

My day now ends, at 11:50pm just 10 minutes before the beginning of Friday. Friday feels like another day now, actually all the days feel the same. Everything is merging. I hear bird song outside, guess the birds are confused too.

I have not had dinner for Thursday yet, what better way to start a Friday than with the previous day’s delayed dinner?

Midnight birdsong

2 thoughts on “11:50pm

  1. It’s never too late for dinner (at least, that’s what the Hobbits of LotR have taught me). And what a lovely sounding bird! I hope it isn’t so loud it prevents you from sleeping, though. I don’t think we have any birds in California that sing that late.

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