One for Sorrow – Chapter 2

8:30pm, last night. “Where’s Nefer?”, Raul called from the living room. Eli was trying to put Maya and Dimpy to bed, which was proving to be a difficult task as the two of them refused to go to sleep. “I don’t want to sleep mamaaaa!”, Maya complained jumping up and down on the bed and […]

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One for Sorrow – Chapter 1

My headache was getting worse…making my vision blurry…damn these migraines! I walked into my apartment in a zombified gait, toppling things over – I finally found my room and just fell onto the bed shoes and all. … A noise startles me awake; my brain reawakening from its deep slumber, my body feels heavy as […]

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The Ancient Evil

Scarlet was the battlefield. Blood was spilled that night. So much blood. All of man against one common enemy. All our past differences put aside, we marched as one. Our lives we pledged to save our home, our only home from this ancient evil. Demons. Ancestors. We do not know but these vile creatures came […]

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Bright And Oh So Blue

Waking up sometimes feels like drowning… Everything just rushes back to me…no more blissful sleep. The sunlight, bright and fearless seeps in through my curtains, the sky so blue it might as well be a calm sea… Nature’s fearlessness put me to shame. Here I was, afraid of even waking up and facing the day… […]

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The Punishment

I watched him from over my steering wheel. That purposeful gait to the front door from his car, he was definitely a golden boy, everywhere he went people loved him, his parents’ pride. It was beginning to get dark now; I checked my watch – 6:30pm – right on schedule. I have been planning this […]

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A Curious Case of Purple Bumps

I lay on the bed in the musty hotel room. The covers were dusty and I was sure I was going to get my allergies. However, I liked the lighting in the room, warm and just right. Nostalgic. I flipped through the channels on the old TV, none of the cable networks were available…just the […]

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Lonely Little Boy

There was once a lonely boy, Friends, he had none. Alone in the shadows he played. He had one rusty little knife And a dead rat skull to play.   He made grand stories about this once live rat. The many adventures he had with his little rusty knife, Winning rat duels and slaying cat […]

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Exuberant Chaos

I watched as the flames reached the sky, dancing as it consumed the grand funeral pyre that housed the coffin that held the vessel that once held my grandmother. There was no wind, and the sun beat down on the quiet congregation. I stood there in the sweltering heat and felt every crackle and spark […]

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Innocent Forever

My mistress was so pretty, dressed in her little corset and pretty lace dresses. There is never a moment I spend away from her, always at her side ready to do her bidding, “Fetch my umbrella”, I would fetch it, “Tighten the corset more”, I would do it. Though it may look like I am […]

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My Dark Brain Chemistry

My friend’s depend on alcohol or nicotine fuelled smoke And interactions that seem forced To keep their demons at bay But I can’t bring myself to do the same Those sinful pleasures give power to my demons They convalesce in my dreams Riots of dark colours And disturbing imagery It plagues my mind They come […]

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