On The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and a Feminist Future – Spoilers

The Handmaid’s Tale explored how the little world of women works. While men work in broad strokes, women work in small, detailed brush strokes like a Master working on an oil painting. Men are more exhibitionist in their cruelty whilst women are more prone to grand schemes usually taking place in the shadows. Watching in […]

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The Astronaut

This is based off of a dream that I had, for some reason it really stuck in my head.   The coal lands were a brutal landscape. Mining, mining, to no end. The drilling and clunking of metal against the hard wall of coal echoing far and wide. It is the only sound I have […]

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Roaches in Neon – Part 3

It’s been 4 days since my steamy pool encounter with Green Jacket Lady, and I’ve been on the lookout for her – I even asked the vile waitress if she had seen her, she just scowled at me. What she said about the Motel not being what it seems is eating me up…and her having […]

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Fractal Alignment

Day 1 I looked out at space through the window spanning the length of the corridor. I’ve always wanted to be here, ever since I was a kid – in space, solving its mysteries… The humdrum of cold electronics of this shell of a space station will be my day to day soundtrack. It was […]

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Roaches in Neon – Part 2

I have been here for 3 days now…a few new faces pop up and leave, I have been eating the disgusting food from the diner as I had no other choice and the next restaurant is around two miles away and I have no transport. The owner could care less; I tried lodging a complaint […]

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Roaches in Neon – Part 1

I looked at the entrance of the rickety motel, the huge neon sign flickering in the background like some kind of ominous warning. I don’t care much for things like that, I know people who will avoid such places – paranoid losers – besides, I’m broke and this is all I can afford at the […]

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To err…

“To err is human” We live in a world that’s fast moving into the future. Science fiction isn’t fiction anymore, wherever we look it’s economical and infrastructural advancements, but the human condition really hasn’t changed. Those basic instincts that make us the emotional animals we are has not advanced in anyway. That remains primitive…some kind […]

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One for Sorrow – Chapter 2

8:30pm, last night. “Where’s Nefer?”, Raul called from the living room. Eli was trying to put Maya and Dimpy to bed, which was proving to be a difficult task as the two of them refused to go to sleep. “I don’t want to sleep mamaaaa!”, Maya complained jumping up and down on the bed and […]

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One for Sorrow – Chapter 1

My headache was getting worse…making my vision blurry…damn these migraines! I walked into my apartment in a zombified gait, toppling things over – I finally found my room and just fell onto the bed shoes and all. … A noise startles me awake; my brain reawakening from its deep slumber, my body feels heavy as […]

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The Ancient Evil

Scarlet was the battlefield. Blood was spilled that night. So much blood. All of man against one common enemy. All our past differences put aside, we marched as one. Our lives we pledged to save our home, our only home from this ancient evil. Demons. Ancestors. We do not know but these vile creatures came […]

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