The irritating noise of a radio cuts through the peace and quiet of the afternoon. It’s lunch time but I don’t feel as hungry as I should.

My supervisor called me earlier today to see why I have been idle. I tell him I’ve been busy and that I am planning to finish the second draft of the review by this week, he tells me to send it to him by Saturday night.

I’ve decided not dwell on it too much and send it before the deadline. I’ve lost interest in my own research, it has dragged on for so long. It’s a burden that I sometimes feel I don’t have the strength to carry.

My mother thought that today was Avurudu, guess I’m not the only one who’s losing track of time. Everyday feels like a Wednesday or a Thursday. A never ending lull, a drag, a life sized pause.

These days it feels like time is the consistency of honey. All that sweet free time but I have to wade through it.

I finally feel hunger pangs and the beginnings of a headache, my brain begging for glucose. OK body, time for lunch then.

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