Roaches in Neon – Part 3

It’s been 4 days since my steamy pool encounter with Green Jacket Lady, and I’ve been on the lookout for her – I even asked the vile waitress if she had seen her, she just scowled at me. What she said about the Motel not being what it seems is eating me up…and her having many names? Was that cause she’s known by a different name with every new lover? Ugh…I hate this feeling…not knowing…

I’ve started to feel a little uncomfortable and I get nervous for no reason, wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night. It’s the food I’m thinking, that horrible food, or I’ve caught a bug from one of the others. I’ve also begun to notice that people who stay here tend to leave abruptly, one time they are there, the next they aren’t. The food must be driving them away.

I was at the vending machine, rummaging in my pocket for change, the old man’s TV blaring in the background, cockroaches scurrying about. The population of cockroaches has increased immensely since I first came here, pesky little creatures. I put in the change and waited for the Mars bar I picked to be pushed out but as usual it was jammed. I looked over at the old man, he was muttering something to the TV, and I risked a kick to no avail. I started to get a cold sweat, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, I felt like someone was watching me through the glass window next to the vending machine.

I didn’t want to look at the window so I looked at the old man; his eyes were fixed on the TV. Ok, maybe I was just having an episode, it was just the bug, but I was so compelled to look so I did. There was a dark shadow standing behind the window, I could hear it whispering something. I backed away, still staring at it unable to break my gaze, and then I felt something tap me on the shoulder, an icy touch. I gasped and turned around, there was no one. The old man was frowning,

“What are you doing?”, he asked, he was standing now,

“Didn’t you see that?!”, I pointed at the window, I was shaking,

“See what?”, he was looking me up and down like I was a crazy person,

“That, thing! That shadow thing! It-it tapped me on the shoulder…oh my god…she was right”, I stood there gasping, I felt light headed.

“You leave”, the old man was walking towards me now, he was annoyed,” you leave, go to your room, talking nonsense”, he pushed me towards the door.

I tried explaining to him what I saw but he pushed me out and locked the door. I looked around, there wasn’t anyone in sight, the neon glow of the motel seemed eerie now. I ran to my room, slammed the door shut and locked it; I switched on the TV for background noise. I was pacing now, what the hell was that outside the window?! Maybe I was just tired or something…maybe I should get some sleep.


I had a long shower and went to bed with the lights and the TV still on.

I woke up in the morning feeling like I had run 1000 miles the previous night. All my muscles were aching and I had a severe headache. I dragged myself to the bathroom, and went back to bed.

I opened my eyes but my vision was blurry…everything was merging into each other. The TV was a buzz and I could see those shadow things in the corners of my eyes. My heart was pounding against my chest, I tried moving but I couldn’t, I was panicking now. I tried to scream or shout but no sound came from my mouth. I could feel tears in my eyes, I tried to sit up again and after 5 tries which felt like forever I managed to sit up. It felt like I was moving underwater, I crawled to the door, I could feel the shadows trying to pull me back. I managed to open the door and white light flooded in.

I woke up with a gasp.

I was panting, I clutched my chest, I was drenched in sweat. What the fuck was going on?!

This is it. I need to get out of here; I have to come up with a plan. Think, think, think! I have no way of getting out of here maybe I should try calling a cab, but I didn’t know any cab companies in this area. I looked for a telephone directory in the drawers of the bedside table; there weren’t any just more cockroaches. I put my head in my hands…maybe I can ask the old man for a directory – risk the potential scolding.

I opened the door to be greeted with a rush of chilly air, wtf the weather changed? I grabbed my jacket and stomped to the front desk, the old man wasn’t in his seat, no surprises there. Maybe he kept it in one of his drawers; I hopped over the counter and checked the two drawers on his desk and the shelf next to the TV – nothing. There was a door next to the shelf, maybe it leads to his quarters, I opened it.

It was dark, I looked for a switch on the wall there were none. I looked for my phone and switched on the torch, it wasn’t a room at all but a corridor. Why would there be a corridor here? How did that even fit in with the architecture of the Motel? Maybe this is where I die, and just then everything went dark.

I woke up with the second worst headache I had ever had, I was back in my room. I got off the bed and went over to the window, I pulled the curtains back, the nutjob couple were sitting on the parking lot and laughing about something. What happened? I knew I was at the front desk and I saw something…a corridor…I need to get out of here.

I walked over to the couple, “Hey! We need to get out of here, this place is fucked up”, the two idiots just stared at me,

“Someone has got spooked”, the girl said in a mock voice while the guy laughed,

“No I’m serious, something really weird is going on here, we should get out now!”, I looked around, “Do you’ll have a car?”

“What? No, we haven’t had a car in awhile mister, but we’d sure like one now won’t we sugar pie?”, the guy tickled his girlfriend and she squealed with glee, I looked at them confused, maybe they have a death wish but I don’t – I wanted out of here.

If they did not have a car…then whose cars were these parked out here? I looked at the rooms along my corridor, maybe I’ll try knocking on the doors and see who’s in and then get a ride with whoever’s leaving soon. I began knocking, no one seemed to be in, maybe everyone was at the diner or by the pool. I ran to the pool first, and no one was there. I went to the diner; from afar I could see people inside. Before entering the diner, I went past a car and noticed something. I stopped running trying to figure out what I had just seen; I took a few steps back and stood next to the car window. Where was my reflection?


Artwork by Jesse Draxler

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