Roaches in Neon – Part 1

I looked at the entrance of the rickety motel, the huge neon sign flickering in the background like some kind of ominous warning. I don’t care much for things like that, I know people who will avoid such places – paranoid losers – besides, I’m broke and this is all I can afford at the moment. I roll my eyes and walk towards the front desk, one heavy suitcase in my hand. I set the luggage down next to my feet, a cockroach scurries away into the darkness under the questionable looking water dispenser.

The owner I am assuming is the old man sitting behind the counter, small and thin but wiry looking, he did not acknowledge my presence; his eyes were fixed on the TV. I coughed to get his attention; he didn’t even turn just muttered something to himself under his breath. I was annoyed now, I looked at the TV to see what he was so engrossed in that he would ignore a potential customer, it was some foreign language movie – something to do with spies, at least that’s what I got from the subtitles.

“Excuse me, sir”, I said loudly, the old man shifted his gaze to me, and his eyes were slits.

“What?”, he said, it wasn’t really a question more like a statement, I noticed the hint of an accent.

“I want to get a room”, I said, he pulled open a drawer and slammed a book onto the counter all the while still looking at me.

“You want room, you fill book”, he said and tapped the table, “first the money”.

I paid the money and filled the book with my details, he kept the key on the counter and went back to his program. I stared at him, he had to give me change and show me the room, but he ignored me. I felt stupid standing there so I grabbed my bag and walked off. The room key said 113, the number 13…another ominous sign, I rolled my eyes again.

I finally managed to find the room, I looked for the light switch on the wall, my fumbling fingers finally found it. It had an antique looking bed in the middle of the room with a mismatched table and chair. I could hear the muffled sounds of a TV from the next room. I set the bag down near the foot of the bed and examined the bathroom. The light was dull and another cockroach scurried away behind the commode. I sighed.

I washed up and went to bed.

I had a surprisingly peaceful sleep in the dusty sheets, the sun was coming through the curtains – an unusually bright day. I got dressed and walked towards the motel entrance, there were a few cars parked out on the parking lot. I went into the small diner near the entrance, I sat at a booth and a bored looking waitress threw the menu onto the table and walked away with a pot of coffee, spilling the contents on the floor. There were two men on the counter and a couple at the booth at the farthest end of the diner.

I motioned to the waitress; she rolled her eyes at me and came over, pulled out her notepad and stared at me while popping gum. The menu looked grimy and sticky, same goes for the table. I ordered a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon, along with some pancakes; she rolled her eyes again and went off. I was at a window seat and could see the vehicles whizzing past on the highway. After sometime the waitress slammed the plates onto the table, some egg flew off the plate and landed on my shirt, “Thanks”, I said sarcastically, she shrugged.

Once I began eating I realised how hungry I was, when I was done with the eggs and bacon I reached for the pancakes. While I cut into them I heard a questionable crunch, I moved the pancake on top to reveal a cockroach in the second pancake cooked to a crisp. I felt the eggs and bacon come back up my throat. I called the waitress,

“Do you see that?! It’s a cockroach! In the pancake!”, I exclaimed angrily, she just kept popping her gum and rolling her eyes.

“You don’t like the food, you can leave”, was all she had said.

I stared at her stupid face and clenched my jaw, I slammed the money on the table and walked out of there.

I went back to my room to pick up a book and headed towards the pool, I could see the couple I saw earlier frolicking in the pool. There was a hedge running around the pool, maybe for privacy. I sat down on one of the pool chairs and propped the book on my chest but left my shades on, the sun was too bright. The pool had leaves in it, this place is just a mess. Across from me on the other side of the pool there was a woman laying on one of the chairs, dressed in a green jacket, black leather gloves, white heels and black shades. I could see her red lips slightly smiling, is this woman insane? It clearly wasn’t winter. A man came then with two drinks in his hand, he was dressed like me, a Havana shirt and khaki shorts with flip flops – I was wearing trainers.

Honestly, what the fuck was up with this place?


Photo from Tumblr

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