To err…

“To err is human”

We live in a world that’s fast moving into the future. Science fiction isn’t fiction anymore, wherever we look it’s economical and infrastructural advancements, but the human condition really hasn’t changed.

Those basic instincts that make us the emotional animals we are has not advanced in anyway. That remains primitive…some kind of twisted sacred covenant. We hold onto these acts, unwilling to let go.

People will always be jealous of other people and ignorant towards someone’s feelings and life. Self awareness is majorly lacking in today’s society. Our sentience…a evolutionary gift that is not used to it’s full potential.

One person’s suffering is another’s gain.

And no one gives a damn. No one wants to move away from that notion, no one wants to improve, learn – education is not just the academic but emotional growth, understanding life and how others navigate it is an education too, but the masses overlook that. Ignorance is bliss they say.

It’s always “me” first…no one stops to think about the other. Jealousy is a festering disease…the root cause to alot of problems we face today. Jealousy leads to hatred and from hatred comes slandering words, whispered, spread like a disease, innoculating themselves into a person’s heart. These words against another person aren’t easy to erase…not easy to cure.

So why do we do what we do? I don’t know…but we are only human, right?

Reference image by Annegrete Soltau

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