One for Sorrow – Chapter 2

8:30pm, last night.

“Where’s Nefer?”, Raul called from the living room. Eli was trying to put Maya and Dimpy to bed, which was proving to be a difficult task as the two of them refused to go to sleep.

“I don’t want to sleep mamaaaa!”, Maya complained jumping up and down on the bed and Dimpy proceeded to follow suit.

“You got your extra play time already”, Eli tried to hold on to a wriggling Dimpy, “you have school tomorrow!”, she put Dimpy in her cot and looked at Maya sternly, her message got through because Maya gave up and snuggled into bed.

“Eli?”, Raul was at the door, “Where’s Nefer?”

“Nefer, said she’ll be out today”, Eli replied picking up toys from the floor, “said something about staying over at Rachel’s”.

Raul sighed and walked over to Maya’s bed to kiss her goodnight, and preceded to Dimpy’s cot, where she was still rebelling against sleep looking over the edge of the cot grumpily,

“Well, well…what are we to do with this one?”, he tickled her as she chuckled gleefully.

“Hey! I just put her to bed”, Eli said, “don’t encourage her!”

“She’s not gonna sleep now”, Raul picked Dimpy up, “we’ll take her to our room…she’ll get tired eventually”

“Well, it’s your fault”, Eli said while switching off the light, “You gave them candy before bed”

Raul smiled mischievously.

Eli peeped in through Mia’s door, she was on her phone whilst laying on bed.

“Hey! Shut down time”, Eli called while closing the door, Mia rolled her eyes.

Eli then checked in on Nefer’s room, her bed was obviously empty. She walked in to see if there was any laundry she needed to pick up. She remembered how they had a huge argument about how Mia had to share the room with her but Nefer didn’t like it at all and they eventually partitioned the room in to two. Eli smiled…Nefer was so grown up in many ways but also very immature – it was the stubbornness…like herself. Eli felt a pang of guilt all of a sudden…Nefer had spent most of her childhood helping Eli raise the other children whilst she balanced work and home-life due to her selfish decision of not leaving work cause of children, but they desperately needed the money. Eli sighed and picked up the t-shirt Nefer had been wearing earlier today and left the room.


Dimpy was finally sleeping; Raul was flipping through channels on the TV whilst Eli was engrossed in some late night study, her feet propped up on the table staring intently into the laptop. They heard John trudging through the hallway outside and his door banging shut.

“That guy needs to stop with the drinking”, Raul said stifling a yawn, “I mean him being a detective and all that…you know?”

“Yup…”, Eli replied absent minded, reading her notes

“I don’t know why…but never liked the guy”, Raul said switching off the TV. Eli rolled her eyes, she knew why he didn’t like him – Raul had a problem with Chase being a loner.

“Well…his job is pretty stressful”, Eli said taking off her glasses and looking at Raul, “and he’s actually nice compared to a lot of people in this town. That’s good enough for me”

Raul rolled his eyes and got up, he didn’t like Chase John cause he was drunk all the time, also because he has struck up a weird friendship with his daughter Nefer which he found odd. However, Eli says it’s nothing to worry about and that Nefer has always been kind of odd and that it was nice she found a friend in John. Raul scoffed and got up from the sofa.

“Ooh…grumpy ol’ Raul”, she chuckled closing her laptop.

“Ha Ha Ha”, Raul mockingly laughed walking towards the bathroom; Eli went over to the bedroom smiling.

Dimpy was fast asleep in the middle of the bed, clutching onto her teddy – well it used to be a teddy, now it’s missing two limbs and an eye. Eli stroked her head and covered her with the blanket and settled down to sleep.

2:30 am

Eli could hear knocking from a far, she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming. Knock knock knock she forced herself to wake up, someone really was knocking on their door. She sat up and nudged Raul, making sure not to wake up Dimpy. Raul woke up with a start, Eli switched on the reading lamp and mouthed Someone’s at the door, Raul looked at her confused and got off bed, she followed him out.

They could see the shadows of people shuffling about outside their door, for some reason her heart was beating fast…something was not right at all…Raul opened the door to two police officers. Eli’s eyes squinted as the hallway light flooded in.

“Mr. And Mrs. Lyght?”, the lady officer asked,

Eli could hear Raul reply yes through the sound of her heart beat, it was like a drum – banging against her chest.

“We are extremely sorry…”

Eli knew then…she closed her eyes, tears streaming down her face, the lady officer continued to explain the situation. Raul reached out to her and they held each other as Mia watched from the hall, a hand over her mouth stifling her gasps.


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