The Ancient Evil

Scarlet was the battlefield.

Blood was spilled that night. So much blood. All of man against one common enemy. All our past differences put aside, we marched as one. Our lives we pledged to save our home, our only home from this ancient evil.

Demons. Ancestors. We do not know but these vile creatures came back from the past, climbing out from the depths of the Earth where they lay dormant in waiting. Waiting for when the Earth was crumbling, to enslave us, but we fought valiantly.

All manner of vileness they were, dark and sinister, their appearances so far gone beyond any humanity. Fangs, claws and shrieks, they drew power from the darkness. They had no remorse for the deaths of their own kind, their soldiers were dispensable, because they always had more to replace the dead.

A victory, yes, but so much life had to pay for it. It may have been our past sins that brought about this catastrophe but we have now learnt our lesson. We had pillaged our own Mother Earth for too long, stripped her of almost all resources that we almost perished. Man fought man for land, for water, for food, forgetting that together we could build.

Our petty quarrels brought out the ancients from the fiery depths. Seizing the moment of man’s weakness as an advantage. They came in hordes, they spared no one, not even children. But man rallied against them and the people in the stars heard us and they came to our aid. From the skies they came in their large vessels. The celestial beings fought alongside us, providing us with weapons we could never forge.

Once the war had ended we built our home, bit by bit. Mother Earth was restored and, us, her children began our lives of peace and understanding. We are one race…we are human. The people from space went back, but the alliances we made still ring true to this day.

Now here we stand…victors. The great war is over…May there never come a time when we must take to arms again…

Daily prompt: Archaic

ancient evil

Artwork by vladimm

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