The Punishment

I watched him from over my steering wheel. That purposeful gait to the front door from his car, he was definitely a golden boy, everywhere he went people loved him, his parents’ pride. It was beginning to get dark now; I checked my watch – 6:30pm – right on schedule. I have been planning this moment for a good year. Studied his every move, checked all his alibis – I knew his daily routine by heart.

There weren’t many people on the lane; everyone minded their own business as they did in these neighbourhoods. Everyone in their own little bubbles, unaware of everything else that happens around them and if they are, they choose to ignore it.

I looked in my backpack again, went through all the items one last time – nothing can go wrong today. I got out of my car which was parked a few metres from his house. There was a way around the back; behind the house was a forest with a running track. I went through a bylane and entered the track, there were a few joggers. I pretend jogged on the track towards his house. I went through the trees once I was alone, the mini torch between my teeth lighting the way as I pushed through the undergrowth. I finally reached the fence and quickly jumped over. He wouldn’t see me because he was still stuck in the shower with his stereo on full blast.

He was alone tonight as his mummy and daddy had gone on a two day trip. I pried open the backdoor with a crowbar I had packed in my bag and entered the kitchen, being very thankful that they did not have a dog due to the son’s allergies. His stereo could be heard all the way here. I took my time to walk through the house. I was in the living room when I saw their family photos, the perfect cookie-cutter family. Grins throughout, the photos hung above the sofa, I scoffed.

I walked up the staircase, more photos – the music getting louder as I neared his room at the end of the corridor. I still had the crowbar in my hand. I was at the door now; his back was turned to me. I stared at him; he was wearing stripped pyjama bottoms like a good boy and was rummaging through his wardrobe for a top. I inched closer and raised the crowbar over my head and brought it crashing down on to the side of his skull.

I was sitting on the bed waiting for him to wake up. I managed to lift him off the floor and tie him to the chair. I practiced it to perfection, he wasn’t going anywhere. Everything was perfect so far.

He began to stir so I threw a glass of water in his face and he picked up pace. He gasped as his eyes flew open after blinking a few times. He winced, probably from the pain in his head by the blow and  mumbled inaudibly before noticing me.

“Who…who…are you?!”, he asked with a dumb look of surprise on his face.

“Don’t you remember me?”, I asked leaning forward so that he could get a clearer look.

By then he had realised he was bound and pathetically tried to free himself. The fear began to fully set in then. I laughed.

“What do you want?!”, he squeaked, “is it money?! You can take it! You can take all of it”

“It’s not your money that I want”, I said now walking towards him. He stared at me in horror. I pulled his head by his hair to look directly at my face.

“Do you remember me now?!”

His eyes widened with recognition. He froze.

“That’s right, I’m her sister”, I said letting go of his hair. I was disgusted by the fact that I had to touch this scum.

“They let you go, but I don’t think you are innocent…I know you did it. You and your fucking pals did it!”, I shouted at him, he didn’t utter a word, just stared at me.

“You raped and murdered her and left her body to rot in some ditch…you animals!”, I screamed then.

Everything came to this moment. He was the big fish, the master mind of the whole gruesome plot to hunt down my sister and the law let them slither off nice and easy cause of money. He did the deed, they hid her body and no one cares….she’s just another dead girl.

“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You saw what you wanted and you took it”

” I wonder what it felt like…did it feel good pushing her down with your big strong arms?”

“Did you like it when she struggled and you muffled her cries?”

He was beginning to cry now, like a big fucking baby. It was a pathetic sight.

“I’m so so-sorry”, he was whimpering, “if you wa-want co-compensation I can give you the amount you want”

I punched his face. Pain shot up my arm from the impact but it was worth it. I leaned in as he cried, his head still facing the side, tears mixing with blood.

“Answer. The. Question. Did you like it?”, I hissed.

He couldn’t face me, he kept crying and gasping. Not so tough now.

“No…”, he whispered.

I squeezed his face in my good hand and made him face me. “Don’t you fucking lie, you piece of shit”

“Ye-yes”, he whispered.

“You better speak up!”,  I spat in his face.

“Yes!”, he said, his eyes looking away from me.

I walked away from him, my back facing him I pulled out a plastic bag from my backpack.

“The law may have let you go…but I’m going to serve you justice”, I could hear him whimpering and apologising.

I walked behind him,

“Say hello to your friends in hell when I send them there”, I threw the bag over his head before he could say anything. He gasped and gulped like a fish out of water. The bag inflating and deflating with his heaving breathe until he finally stopped. I double checked I cannot afford to make mistakes today.

I didn’t have much to clean up as I had made sure I didn’t leave a trace of evidence in the place other than the broken back door. I went back the way I came.

Once I was at the track I pretended I was catching my breath a couple jogged past me and I began jogging back to the car. I threw the backpack in my trunk, stretched and drove off.

What I did was right. He deserved it. He didn’t deserve a life while my sister’s was cut short in the most brutal way. She was 18…she had the whole world in front of her. As her older sister I couldn’t live with myself knowing this scum walked the Earth, knowing they could do this again. Someone had to do something, and that someone is me.

I planned for a year and finally executed it today and it worked and I know I won’t get caught. I had taken the money from his parents’ safe along with some jewellery – the perfect robbery. Once I got home. I changed into the clothes I was wearing before I left home in the car and put the jewellery and money in my backpack along with the crowbar and the sweaty clothes I was wearing before.
I sneaked around the house to see where my parents were, my father was watching T.V. and my mother was in the kitchen. I crept into the backyard and went to the abandoned well. I pushed the planks of wood that were covering the well and dropped the bag in there. No one was going to find it and no one was going to know what I did today.

I walked back to my house with a smile on my face. My sister could finally rest a little easy.


Photo via Pinterest


This story has been in my head for a while now and I finally put it down to words, it’s not perfect but here it is.  Rape is a crime that goes without proper punishment in some parts of the world and I wanted to bring awareness to that.

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