Daily Prompt: Faceless

Daily Prompt: Faceless

Everyone’s got an identity, fake or real. Social media is the preferred medium for self expression these days. People tend to forget about security and safety cause posting that new food picture is way more important. They forget, someone’s always watching…beyond the likes, someone’s watching you.

I don’t necessarily keep my social media up to date, just a very random post of what I’ve done every full blue moon. I don’t have alot of followers, I’ve never really been “likable”, not that I care but such is reality.

Through the years I’ve learnt to make it an advantage. I get to be a watcher instead of a performer for hundreds of people. A show is always better from the backstage shadows, you get to see the spectators’ reactions as well as the act itself.

I, however, have my own show and there’s only two spectators – oh no, make that three, third spectator is my cat, first spectator being me. You must be wondering who the second spectator is, well that’s the victim of course! Oh, yeah…I am educated in the art of killing, sorry for not mentioning that before.

I just woke one day extremely bored and realised hmm…murder…and that’s where it all began. I just don’t go killing every random person I meet, just the pretentious ones. They are so easy to track, their whole life is put on show on social media, I mean whatever happened to being mysterious?

But, I’m also extremely curious. People’s lives intrigue me…what’s really going on behind those edited pictures they upload? What are those fake smiles hiding? The answers I find out aren’t really that great. Everyone’s just…sad.

My presence doesn’t usually get noted by people, they just don’t see me. I could be anyone – your milkman, the bar tender you just drunkenly shared all your secrets with, the delivery guy – anyone! I guess that’s my superpower, being faceless, being unoticed…I get to put on any face I want, but no one really knows what my real face is, who I am…

So…be careful out there, we might bump into each other.


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